The PQS Catering branch is the most dynamic part of our business group, since on more than 20 service points, every day 20.000 guests show up in our restaurants and coffehouses through the country. We provide catering for office buildings, factories, industrial parks and public institutions, but beside these we can also provide protocol event for hundreds of guests or managing a buffet.

Our menus and meals are always changing according to the latest nutritional trends. We thrive for healthy solutions. We minimalized the usage of salt, flavour enhancer, instant products and additives. It is really important for us to use only certificated, mainly Hungarian based raw material with proof of origin. We offer a menu which is a combinature of the old, traditional and the new tastes, and we keep on updating the selection of our restaurants depending on the feedbacks of the customers. Every restaurant make up their own menus since we always follow the guests' taste.

Our services:

  • operating coffehouses and restaurants in office buildings;
  • providing materials for closed catering system;
  • room service for special orders;
  • managing events in private or outdoor venues.


Our qualified chefs and banquet directors manage several events from year to year. We undertake to provide full catering services for weddings, birthdays, buffet dinners, protocol events or other high-ranking diplomatic events. Our aim is to find the most proper solutions for your needs and ideas using our experiences.

Our services:

  • Arrangement of salons,
  • Outdoor events up to 3000 guests,
  • Providing chairs, tables, tents on request,
  • Table and hall decoration fitting the occasion,
  • Compilation of the menu, on unique request,
  • Full comprehensive event management.