Our company bears an almost 20 years experience on the field of cleaning office buildings, hospitals, factories, industrial projects, public transport vehicles. We always work with the most up-to-date methods whether it is chemical technologies or cleaning machines. We take care of allowing our colleagues to learn the proper usage of these equipment, therefore adapt the available resources efficiently, and provide high level, reliable service to our clients. Not to forget to minimalize environmental impacts, during our cleaning activities we thrive to not only to be suitable for hygienic aspects, but to maintain an aesthetic value of a building, as well.

Our nationwide service network is flexible, accurate and accountable in carrying out its assignments, as more than 100 company experienced this in the past few years. Our experts are responsible for keeping clean about 1 million square metres.

Hospital cleaning

Hospital cleaning requires to fulfil the highest possible quality and safety of operation requirements among the cleaning technologies. Providing such tasks comes with big responsibility and high risk since - directly or indirectly - people's lives depend on the work of our colleagues. They can be found everywhere from the operation rooms to the hospital wards, where they have been completing their jobs for 20 years in the most prominent institutions for the satisfaction of our customers. While public hygiene requires discipline, accuracy and flexibility, due to the limited financial possibilities of the health care institutions efficient procedures and work organization is needed.

Our activities:

  • cleaning of hospital wards and common areas at different intensity upon request, depending on the characteristic of the given area and the temporary or permanent risk of infection;
  • cleaning and sterilization of operation rooms before and after surgery suitable for sterilization requirements;
  • developing and implementing a comprehensive hospital hygiene system;
  • introduction and adoption of quality assurance supporting systems;
  • laundry service.

Vehicle cleaning

Vehicle cleaning includes tasks of varied and different complexity. While the cleaning of railway vehicles demands exceptional efficiency and flexibility, the cleaning of technical surface of airplanes is an extremely complicated work, performed according to strict rules.

Our activities:

  • cleaning of railway vehicles adjusted to timetables in case of the high quality Stadler and Bombardier trains;
  • surface cleaning of aircrafts according to the current international protocols;
  • cleaning of public transport vehicles circling in Budapest and the country.

Institution cleaning

Speaking of the traditional institution cleaning services, we have to mention that our colleagues are available practically in all the bigger cities in Hungary, therefore we can provide efficient daily or seasonal cleaning not only for institutions with big area but smaller ones with only a few hundred square metres, too. Our task force is available on every day of the year to provide case-by-case or normal cleaning.

Our activities:

  • regular and expended cleaning of office and common areas, surface cleaning
  • cleaning of technical and production areas, clean spaces;
  • cleaning of facades, inner and exterior glass surfaces with scaffolding or highscaler technique;
  • state-of-the-art recycling, waste management, grinding, compression and wiping out;

Outdoor and plant

Our customers can choose the level and security of the tasks from the maintenance of green surfaces (plant nursing, mowing etc..) through regular or case-by-case cleaning of road and pavement surfaces, to the removal of snow. We are able to react pretty quickly on unexpected issues what explains the important role we have in the essential snow removal of Budapest public transport for long years. We can meet the client's needs in the most unexpected situations with the help of our modern equipment and prepared colleagues.