The PQS business group was founded in 1996, and by now it has become one of the determining actors of the Hungarian facility management sector. The company is now in 100% Hungarian ownership but it never cease to leave behind the long tradition of business culture of the German founders, Plural GmbH. As a result of the innovative leadership, the portfolio of our services and its scope became complete by 2012, as our colleagues are available in all the bigger cities in the country, and able to solve every task connecting to facility management. Our client's satisfaction and our cooperation on a long term is guaranteed since competence, circumspection and adherence to standards are among our key principles. We keep on improving what helps us to provide services for 600 depots of our 140 clients with the technical operation and the cleaning of almost 1 million square metres of area. We also have a significant market share beside the facility management on the field of catering since we produce 50.000 pieces of meals every day in our restaurants in office buildings and factories. Although maintaining and guarding green areas are not among our basic services, our experts are ready to solve permanent or case-by-base tasks to provide full service for our clients. Our supporting department guarantees that all tasks will be done and our customers always feel safe.

létesítménygazdálkodás, PQS

Our Services

  • technical operation;
  • cleaning;
  • catering;
  • surveillance, safety and reception services;
  • maintaining green areas and cultivating plants;
  • purchasing services;
  • warehousing, logistics.

Our clients can choose out of these services based on their interest, we can always guarantee a flexible business approach to satisfy all their needs. Owing to our experience and unique references, we are able to provide unusual works that require state security investigation, full competence in vehicle hygiene (bus, train, planes) or a capacity for cleaning a hospital or operating room up to 50.000 square metres. Our services keep on following the latest trends, therefore our portfolio includes the most modern hygiene coating processes or removal of graffitis and other protection treatments. 

Our prepared and experienced group of experts provide full base of technical knowledge. Thus we are able to provide solutions in every special fields, from construction works to guidance in occupational safety and fire prevention. Because of our supply system, action task forces and customer services using state-of-the-art communication tools we guarantee to start the prevention-provision within two hours of the notification in every service sectors. Uniquely in Hungary we possess self-contained basis of stores and logistics centre, and undertake transportation assignments without restrains.

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