Our business group, adjusted to the market and trade expectations, have all the management systems that provides up-to-date and sustainable operation. Owing to the integrated introduction of these management systems, they expand to all the branches of the service portfolio.

Winner of the Best Operating Company

This year was the fifth time a contest organized by Iroda.hu was held. The competition is divided into 9 categories that deal with the actual year's most outstanding real estate developments, offices, service providers and experts. An acknowledged group of experts decided with their votes through a transparent process which makes it even more precious.

In 2014 the jury awarded such high quality projects as development of Eiffel Palace or the environmental friendly improvement of the 20 year old Bank Center, while Scheer Sándor (Market Zrt.) was voted as the Man of the real estate market. In this illustrious group, PQS Business Group won the 2nd prize in the category of Year's Best Operating Company.

Detailed information about the prize can be found on the following website: http://azevirodaja.hu/gyoztesek-2014.

Certification of Environmental Management System

MSZ EN ISO 14001:2005

Since 2004 we possess this certificate whose principles are used not just in our services but in parts of our non-basic activities as well. The efficient use of different resources allows us to meet the requirements of expectations of the society concerning environmental protection, while financial savings also take place. For our company, caring about environment is not an external force but a belief.

Certification of Occupational Health and Safety Management System

MSZ EN 28001:2008

Our business group acquired the certification in 2008 that clearly shows our commitment to be a responsible employer. We believe that a predictable and plannable working relationship is essential for both the employer and the employee. We also respect ethical and legal needs and safety of our experts. Working in facility management comes with hazardous situations that is needed to prevent by the employer, not just because he is obliged to, but for his own interests, too.

Quality Management

MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009

A company can not be successful in the 21st century without quality management. Our business group has been working on its own system since its formation. This system was based on the one that was implemented by the founder PLURAL GmbH with traditional, high German standards. Although we acquired the necessary certificate in 1999, the improvement of the quality management can never be complete in the facility management sector. We try to meet the current requirements and the various quality demands of different assignments. For us, quality management is a tool for an efficient, financially successful operation and for long-term customer satisfaction.

Certification of Information Security Management Systems


Being a facility management company means that, while providing their works, our colleagues and accredited partners get hold of invaluable business and technical information. We are to secure these information every time. Unauthorized people must not have them during the time of our assignment or after. The information security system we created and installed, as well as the regulation concerning it, acquired the relevant ISO certificate in 2013, strengthening the notion of our reliable and stable partnership for our clients.