Supporting services

To provide the necessary quality services, the proper tracking and to answer to reports unique to all clients PQS installed its own trademark, the PQS Help, in which the supporting activities needed for FM services were merged. PQS Help provides contact between our clients, colleagues and subcontractor partners 24 hours a day.

PQS Help Call Center

Our customer service is ready to help our partners 24 hours a day, with qualified colleagues - with technical and CRM experience - always there to support the services of PQS.

Their tasks cover the followings:

  • document notifications;
  • coordinate and tracking solution;
  • technical consultation if needed;
  • crisis management;
  • quality assurance;
  • writing statements and statistics;
  • CRM services for outside partners

The PQS Help CALL CENTER uses the most developed IVR communication technologies to fit into the quality assurance system of PQS.


The PQS Help CAFM (Computer Aided Facility Management) is not only a fault reporting platform, but a database handling software tracking every step of the operational procedures providing by PQS. The software can set up flexibly, some of its modules are free to combine, and being a self-developed software it can be extended with improvements tailor-made for clients, in order to reflect the algoryhtms of a particular assignment.

Characteristics of the PQS Help CAFM system:

  • documenting static data (recording of property and equipment, recordings of cadaster);
  • drawing up a plan for repairing, documenting implementation;
  • documenting event and orders, online notification, documenting of realization;
  • expenditure and income recordings, invoicing and pricing module;
  • possibilities for reporting;
  • surface for supporting partner;