Technical operation

The technical operation covers tasks that provide maintenance of facilities and includes all the maintenance, repairing, renovation, conversion services connected to the real estates, buildings, machines, all tangible properties and technical and other equipment.

The most common tasks concerning technical operation are:

  • drawing up a plan for maintenance, connected guidance and fulfilment of the plan;
  • operation of the technical equipment of the building;
  • conversion of building, planning, licensing, implementing of renovation, technical surveillance of implementation;
  • occupational safety and fire prevention;
  • energy management;
  • handling of administration procedures and reviews;
  • purchasing services;
  • warehousing, logistics;
  • record management, archiving.

Facility Maintenance

The repairing needs of well-kept equipment and devices within cycles are much less than those of uncared ones, therefore a proper plan for maintenance directly improves cost-efficiency. All the maintenance and repairing must be done that are needed for functioning and implementing standards and regulations. After knowing the apparatus we develop a tailor-made maintenance plan for our clients, which includes the frequency and exact dates of demanded upkeeping. This plan is recorded in the PQS Help CAFM system that allows the client to keep track of the procession of the plan.

Repairing activities

Our repairing activities lies on two basic solutions:

  • on site personnel in case of bigger or critical facilities for the operating procedure
  • us or our subcontractors send a crew in case of low priority and small volume assignments

During the work organization we do not only keep in mind the quality provisions but the efficiency and financial concerns as well. We choose the optimal solutions based on these factors. Our colleagues and subcontractors are flexible and accurate and we take care of keeping appropriate records of finished works.

Nationwide providers

Our colleagues are available in every bigger cities of the country, and capable of providing all the work for every sectors of facility management. We created a system which allows us to get to the locations within 2 hours from notification from clients. This system guarantees a complete safety and the continuity of our services for our clients resided far from the cities, too. Thus we can provide equally high level of work for those customers for whom maintaining the on-the-spot type of crew was not reasonable. Our colleagues react to our clients' complaints fast and professional.

PQS Emergency Team

PQS Emergency Team makes sure that our colleagues show up on the actual locations even within two hours and starts to work on the mostly unexpected cases. The PQS Emergency Team provides full service security for those clients as well for whom maintaining an on site crew would reasonable only for specific time of the day, or wouldn't be that at all.


Official revisions

There are several key equipment whose maintenance and/or revision is strictly controlled by the law.

The most important equipment concerned by this effect are the followings:

  • obligatory maintenance and official revisions of elevators;
  • keeping daily records and maintenance by specialist of fire equipment and fire alarm systems, proper functioning of smoke extraction systems;
  • checking of emergency lightning, testing of battery capacities;
  • checking of fire doors;
  • providing tasks concerning lightning, touching and fire protection standard

Fleet Management

Managing a vehicle fleet is a complex task requiring its own special knowledge. We provide huge variety of service packages ranging from the basic maintenance activities to complex fleet management solutions with permanent renting scheme. Thus our future clients can choose on the basis of their own needs.

Outsourcing the fleet management can bring about the following advantages:

  • you can use the company's financial sources for the main business, instead of spending money on creating, improving and maintaining the needed fleet.
  • our 24/7 support provides availability for unexpected situations (eg. technical breakdown, accident);
  • administration costs are minimalized,
  • on request, we can present up-to-date reports and analyses concerning the vehicle fleet,
  • with the help of our experts the vehicles condition is steadily maintained,
  • As of today, our crew is managing 650 vehicle within the full service of full facility management and technical operation.